Hidden Ajani

Posted in Arcana on October 7, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

If you look carefully at Shards of Alara cards, you can sometimes see planeswalkers strolling through, interacting with the scenery. Or, in the case of the three "Soul's" cards, busting things up. Observe!

In Soul's Fire, Ajani is seen creating a fiery avatar of himself, an incarnation of his passion and fury.

Soul's Fire

In Soul's Grace, Ajani is again working from the background, bestowing his pridemate with a ghostly avatar of himself.

Soul's Grace

Finally, in Soul's Might, Ajani uses his otherworldly power and wisdom to imbue a cat warrior with more inner strength.

Soul's Might

Of course, those aren't the only cards where Ajani can be spotted...

Titanic Ultimatum

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