Holiday Cube Returns

Posted in Arcana on July 6, 2015

By Blake Rasmussen

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With the entire Magic Origins set now available for your perusal, but Prereleases not happening till this weekend—and release events yet another week away—I can't blame you for being a bit twitchy to play with the new cards.

But staring at the calendar won't help. And there's no way for us to get the cards in your hands any sooner. But, we can give you a present. How about Christmas in July?

Or, more accurately, the return of the Holiday Cube on Magic Online!

For those of you who aren't familiar, the Holiday Cube is simply the best. It really is. The Holiday Cube is the "powered" version of the Magic Online Cube draft experience, meaning you'll have a chance to play with cards like these:

The Holiday Cube will run from July 8 through July 22, up to the release of Magic Origins online. You can learn more about the Holiday Cube, check out the updated list for the Holiday Cube, and get the Phantom Draft event details all online. And if you don't already have Magic Online? You can get that too!

So Happy Holidays in July, and Happy Cubing!

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