The Horrors!

Posted in Arcana on July 5, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

It's Demon Week, during which we spotlight those ultimate personifications of darkness. But as Mark Rosewater mentions in his article today, the Horror creature type filled in for the time when no Demons were printed, between Fifth Edition's Lord of the Pit and their renaissance with Onslaught's Grinning Demon.

There will certainly still be Horrors in Magic's future, however. Horrors generally have a different character from Demons, and serve a different role. Where Demons are winged, horned humanoids, Horrors are usually out-and-out monsters with little or no physical similarity to humankind. They are nightmares come alive. There are plenty of examples of Horrors; here are just a few.

The look of Horrors: Cosmic Horror, Hidden Horror (which was actually originally an Undead, but definitely fits the Horror look), Vebulid, Spined Fluke, Vermiculos

An interesting question: are there Horror cards printed between Fifth Edition and Onslaught that might have been concepted as Demons, if policies had been otherwise? Invasion's Devouring Strossus looks to have been a direct descendant of Lord of the Pit. And Odyssey's Wayward Angel might have had the right concept to have been a "Creature - Angel Demon" rather than an Angel Horror. Can you think of others?

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