Ice Age Factoids and Statistics

Posted in Arcana on August 4, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Gentlemen and ladies, start your calculators. Today's Magic Arcana takes a look at some of details of the Ice Age set from a numerical or factoid perspective.

Ice Age
  • Release date: June, 1995.

  • Number of cards: 383.

  • New mechanics: Cumulative upkeep, cantrips, and snow-covered lands.

  • Alphabetical first and last cards: Abyssal Specter; zuran spellcaster.

  • Elkin Bottle
  • White mana symbol: Redesigned.

  • Plains art: A mural.

  • Number of cards involving single-surface topology: 1.

  • Number of instants: 53.

  • Number of sorceries: 29.

  • Number of lands: 33 (including 3 of each basic land).

  • Number of enchantments: 95 (including enchant creatures and enchant lands).

  • Number of non-creature artifacts: 39.

  • Number of artifact creatures: 6.

  • Number of those artifact creatures that count as walls: 3.

  • Polar Kraken
  • Number of creatures that aren't artifacts: 128.

  • Largest creature: Polar kraken.

  • Card with the highest converted mana cost: Polar kraken.

  • Number of cards with "snow" in the name: 11.

  • Number of cards with "ice" in the name: 4 (Justice and Fiery Justice don't count).

  • Number of cards with "winter," "glacier" or "blizzard" in the name: 1 each (Winter's Chill, Glaciers, and Blizzard).

  • Number of cards that mention banding: 11.

  • Number of cards that mention cumulative upkeep: 30.

  • Skeleton Ship
  • Number of legends: 4.

  • Number of cards printed in Ice Age that were also printed in Eighth Edition: 25.

  • Number of Ice Age cards currently restricted in Type 1: 2 (Demonic Consultation and Necropotence).

  • Number of Ice Age cards currently banned in Type 1: 1 (Amulet of Quoz).

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