Innistrad Boosters

Posted in Arcana on August 30, 2011

By Monty Ashley

If you've scoured through the Innistrad site, you might have seen some small pictures of the booster packs. And if you haven't, good news! We're going to look at big pictures of the booster packs right now!

In these Arcanas, we normally we like to avoid being too specific about what's shown. But we'll be honest: this is Liliana. Hi, Liliana!

This, too, is a Planeswalker. Okay, fine: it's Garruk. It's really hard to get over the instinct not to be specific!

Ah! Now that we're out of the Instant Recognition Zone, we can return to the traditional vague descriptions. So here we go: this is a huge, monstrous creature of some variety! It's probably a werewolf, right? It's certainly somewhat werewolf-y.

Oh, hello! This is a vampire. You'd know that if you'd gone to the Innistrad site like the first paragraph suggested, because the card Olivia Voldaren is already in the Innistrad Card Image Gallery.

And finally, we have a demon! Specifically, a Bloodgift Demon. This time, you have no excuse for not knowing that. It's your own fault!

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