Innistrad Event Deck Decklists

Posted in Arcana on October 11, 2011

By Monty Ashley

The Innistrad Event Decks will be on sale on October 28 at an MSRP of $24.99 each. So we thought you might be interested to know what was in them!

Event Decks let you enter the world of tournament play knowing you've got a powerful deck designed to let you be immediately competitive. Each Event Deck contains 60 powerful cards and a supplemental 15-card sideboard. Rest assured that each one of these weapons was handpicked to inflict pain upon any opponent who takes you on.

Grab an Event Deck and try it out at a Friday Night Magic or Game Day event near you! The Store and Event Locator is waiting!

Hold the Line

Hold the Line

With the "Hold the Line" deck, the beatdown starts early and never stops. Use low-cost creatures like Elite Vanguard and Champion of the Parish to pressure your opponent starting from the first turn, then suit up your creatures with Equipment to maintain your advantage into the midgame.

You'll want to play your creatures in a way that maximizes their effectiveness. Champion of the Parish and Elite Vanguard are in your deck because of how much power you get out of them for only one mana, so you'll want to play them as early as possible. Gideon's Lawkeeper, on the other hand, isn't as important to play early; after all, if your opponent doesn't have any creatures, Gideon's Lawkeeper doesn't have much to do! Don't be afraid to hold on to your Fiend Hunters. Your creatures are excellent at fighting with smaller creatures, so try and save Fiend Hunter to exile a big creature you might not be able to get past otherwise.

Early in the game, you want to be very aggressive to keep your opponent on the back foot. However, be careful that you don't lose all of your creatures to a single mass-removal spell. Play out just enough creatures to force your opponent to react. If a spell like Day of Judgment clears the battlefield, you'll still have creatures in hand to recover quickly. Your Equipment is superb for getting in extra damage with the creatures you already have on the board.

This deck gives you plenty of ways to overcome opposing creatures. Tap enemy creatures with Gideon's Lawkeeper and then sneak some damage through, or exile enemy creatures with Oblivion Ring and Fiend Hunter to clear potential blockers out of the way. Bonds of Faith is another fun removal spell. If your opponent doesn't have any creatures, though, you can always cast Bonds of Faith on one of your own creatures and go to town!

After sideboarding, you have access to answers for specific threats. Get rid of problematic red or black permanents with Celestial Purge. Use Nihil Spellbomb to end any graveyard-based shenanigans. Call on Suture Priest for a hefty life drain against creature-based decks. Blow up annoying artifacts and enchantments with Leonin Relic-Warder. Lastly, prevent problem cards from being played entirely with Nevermore!

There are several ways you could change the deck to suit your own play style. You could make the deck even more aggressive with more cards like Champion of the Parish and Elite Inquisitor. Alternatively, you could "go bigger" with larger if slightly slower creatures. Hero of Bladehold brings along an army whenever it attacks, and Mikaeus, the Lunarch can add +1/+1 counters to build that army to colossal size.

Hold the Line

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Winning with the "Deathfed" deck requires some patience. Your deck is designed with the late game in mind, and if you rush your strategy, your opponent may just overrun you. Don't worry if you appear to fall behind early. Your biggest strength is a well-stocked graveyard, and all of your cards will give you an incremental advantage while fueling your graveyard. Once your engine is up and running, it's very difficult for any opponent to stop.

The easiest way for you to fill up your graveyard is to use spells like Mulch and Forbidden Alchemy. You'll get more resources while also getting more creature cards into your graveyard for future use—a win-win situation. You can also plunk down Armored Skaab in front of opposing creatures and get an even fuller graveyard for your trouble. Use Viridian Emissary to block and take down an attacking creature and get another land, and keep a steady stream of spells and lands coming with Merfolk Looter. You can use Green Sun's Zenith to find whichever creature you need at the moment.

You'll be well rewarded for all those creature cards in your graveyard. Boneyard Wurm keeps growing as you keep filling your graveyard. Splinterfright has the same ability, plus even fills your graveyard for you. You can create huge armies of spiders with Spider Spawning (and then flashback the Spawning later). Bonehoard is particularly strong in this deck. Even if your opponent can kill the Germ, you'll have plenty of extra creatures around to pick up the Equipment. Eventually your creatures will tower over your opponent's and you can win at your leisure.

Your main deck is tuned to face a wide variety of other decks, but your sideboard allows you to attack specific strategies. With Naturalize, you can blow up annoying artifacts and enchantments. Use Negate to counter powerful spells from opposing control decks, or Flashfreeze to counter pesky red or green spells. You can fight directdamage spells by gaining life by the boatload with Gnaw to the Bone. And of course, you can always steal opposing creatures with Mind Control.

Tweaking the deck to your own satisfaction could take it in a variety of directions. Mirror-Mad Phantasm adds a more aggressive element while still fueling your graveyard. Skaab Ruinator provides an alternative use for the creatures in your graveyard and takes the fight straight to the enemy. Or you could use Jace, Memory Adept and Jace's Apprentice to dump even more creatures in your graveyard—or turn the tables on your opponent and win by depleting their decks!


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