Innistrad Playtest Names

Posted in Arcana on October 19, 2011

By Monty Ashley

As you may know, Magic cards have different names during playtesting. Why wouldn't they? They don't even have art during that stage! So here's what's going to happen. You'll look at some playtest names, then you'll guess what Innistrad card they ended up as. It'll be fun!

False Lycanthropy

Furor of the Bitten

Salvaged Guardian

Makeshift Mauler


Stitcher's Apprentice


Blasphemous Act

Zoologic Mage

Delver of Secrets

Sample the Meat

Gnaw to the Bone

Vampire's Den

Stensia Bloodhall


Grimoire of the Dead

Haphazard Study

Desperate Ravings

Frankenstein Dragon

Skaab Ruinator

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