Inside the Cage

Posted in Arcana on October 20, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Let's take a look at Baloth Cage Trap.

Baloth Cage Trap

That was fun. Let's look even closer!

Now, here's some trivia about this card. As we've mentioned before, Magic R&D looks at each set as a card-by-card slideshow when it's ready to be seen. When this card came up in the Zendikar slideshow, somebody asked how the art related to the mechanics of the card. Monty Ashley promptly drew this diagram (which we want to make absolutely clear is not an official Creative-approved explanation):

Nice sketch, Monty! The goblin fell through the floor of the room above. See the floorboards at the top of the art? It's a Trap that drops you into a Baloth Cage!

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