Invasion Block Sketches

Posted in Arcana on October 19, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Most of the time on Magic Arcana we don't show art sketches of older cards, simply because a lot of the sketch art was not maintained in Multiverse (Wizards' internal card database) before Odyssey. Happily, however, some hard copies of older sketches survive around the WotC offices. Let's take a look at a couple. Can you recognize these cards from the sketch?

Sketch by Anthony S. Waters
Recognize this sketch? ...No?

Sketch by Dana Knutson
What about this one? They're both from Apocalypse.

In fact, they're both from the same card! (We're so clever.)


Here's an easier one.

Sketch by David Martin
Sketch by Franz Vohwinkel

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