Japanese Ice Age block cards

Posted in Arcana on August 30, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Mirage was the first expansion set printed in Japanese, which means that any older cards that Japanese players want to use must be in English or a European language.

As part of a sales promo, Wizards of the Coast and Hobby Japan produced five uncommons from the Ice Age block (Ice Age, Homelands, and Alliances) printed in Japanese that players can earn. The cards have the original expansion symbols, black borders, and updated Oracle wordings. Since you can't get them in the US, we figured you might want to see them.

The five cards are Yavimaya Ants, Ihsan's Shade, Surge of Strength, Goblin Mutant, and Krovikan Vampire.

Etsuko Minematsu of our international office explains the promo:

"Japanese players earn one card for every nine boosters of Seventh Edition, Odyssey and Torment purchased within the promotional period (through August 31). Hobby Japan will verify the barcode and send one random card."

If you are in Japan and want to know more, go to this page.

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