Jedit Ojanen Comic II

Posted in Arcana on April 6, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Last week we saw some scans from the 1996 comic, "Legend of Jedit Ojanen," issue 1 of 2. The Legends-era villain Johan had summoned a pack of nasty Beasts of Bogardan to shred Jedit Ojanen to ribbons.

Beasts of Bogardan

The conclusion comes in issue 2:

Unsurprisingly, our hero Jedit takes out those pro-red Beasts of Bogardan (which are probably a 4/4 due to Jedit's being a white permanent, but then, hey, Jedit Ojanen is 5/5). In fact, it's a rather gory scene that leaves the defeated beasts' heads at their master's feet:

The evil Johan escapes that battle -- temporarily. Jedit Ojanen goes on to aid the Desert Nomads and seeks reinforcements against Lord Johan in the form of a tribe of Cat Warriors. But Johan releases a skyful of Granite Gargoyles! Does Jedit and his new crew have what it takes to defeat the villainous Lord Johan?

Track down a copy of "Legend of Jedit Ojanen" to find out for sure, but we'll say this: Lord Johan has a lot to learn about a group of Desert Nomads armed with an Invisibility spell.

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