Jinxed artifacts

Posted in Arcana on December 16, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Unless you're the size of a Sneaky Homunculus or are wearing powerful Glasses of Urza, it can be hard to make out small details of Magic card art.

Have you seen the little surfer on Flame Wave, for example?

Let's take a zoomed-in view of a few of Magic's "jinxed" items.

You may already know that certain drawback-laden, "jinxed" artifacts flavorfully curse their controllers, and initiate a game of Hot Potato as soon as they hit the board. For example, Jinxed Idol from Tempest is a creepy stone figurine that stings its bearer for 2 damage a turn. Give it away as soon as you can -- if only to stop seeing its ugly mug on your side of the table.

And you may have seen that Stronghold's Jinxed Ring is a piece of jewelry in the shape of Volrath the Fallen toothy head that bites the "wearer" for each card he or she loses. How... unwholesome.

But did you know that Mirrodin's Jinxed Choker is actually a thin silver snake that slowly tightens its grip, increasing its turn-by-turn damage as the charge counters pile up?

Jinxed Choker

Perhaps the Flame Wavesurfer was a slightly less unsettling detail to zoom in on!

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