The Kaldra Equipment

Posted in Arcana on July 29, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Ever since the wording of Shield of Kaldramade it (reasonably) clear that a card called Helm of Kaldra would be printed, Magic players were looking forward to putting all of Kaldra's three legendary pieces of equipment on one creature.

Then Helm of Kaldra was printed in Fifth Dawn, and it became clear that producing the creature would not be an issue -- the Helm itself creates a Kaldra Avatar Legend creature token and equips them all up!

"Kaldra" was called "Jayd" during the design of Mirrodin. The playtest card pictured below, the "Ring of Jayd," was not printed in this same form (it was designed even before equip costs!). But it wound up inspiring Helm of Kaldra:

The art of the Kaldra token that the Helm creates was commissioned for Magic Online. Here's a high detail view of the Kaldra token art by Donato Giancola, where you can see Kaldra wielding all three pieces of that legendary set of equipment.

Kaldra token art by Donato Giancola

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