Kami "Energy Objects"

Posted in Arcana on September 7, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

In Magic art director Jeremy Cranford's feature article this week, he mentions the term "energy objects" when describing the look of spirit creatures in the Kamigawa block.

"[Kamigawa's concept artists] came up with an idea that when a spirit manifested into our world they would be a bit unstable, creating strange energy objects orbiting around itself. ... It was a great visual cue and we ran with it."

You can see these floating energy objects, these visual cues of kami-dom, in art of Champions of Kamigawa cards. They manifest in as many bizarre ways as the kami do. Check out some examples of energy objects floating around kami creatures in the following Champions of Kamigawa art samples:

They could be glowing moons...
Art by Matt Thompson

Art by Tomas Giorello
...disembodied mouths...
...or even flower-like jellyfish things.
Art by Rebecca Guay

These objects remind the viewer that this is a kami creature, and help reinforce the kami's sense of majesty and otherworldliness.

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