Kavu Switcheroo

Posted in Arcana on April 4, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

When the Phyrexians invaded Dominaria in the Invasion Block timeline, Multani, Maro-Sorceror awakened the ancient race of the kavu to help defend Yavimaya.

The kavu came in all shapes, sizes and habitats. Although most of the kavu kept territories in Dominarian forests and mountains, the art of Planeshift's Mire Kavu shows an unusual swamp-dwelling kavu about to overpower a Phyrexian.

Mire Kavu
Mire Kavu art by Wayne England

Note that Mire Kavu. The next set, Apocalypse, did indeed bring a kavu capable of flight, but Captain Sisay's quote was very nearly not prophetic.

Kavu Glider, in line with Apocalypse's themes of enemy color combinations, is a red creature that can gain flying with the expenditure of blue mana. But its art was originally commissioned for another card, a non-kavu creature called "Patagia Pyrosaur" that was never printed.

Kavu Glider
Kavu Glider art by Heather Hudson

In the original illustration for "Patagia Pyrosaur," the creature was shown spitting fire, but the fire was removed and replaced with a tongue for the purposes of its new kavu identity.

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