Khan You See Who I See?

Posted in Arcana on December 11, 2014

By Mike McArtor

Mike first played with Ice Age and became the copy editor for in December 2011. Before DailyMTG, he was an editor on D&D's Dragon magazine for four years.

So here's a bit of fun. Let's look at how many times (according to art descriptions) a khan appears in card art in Khans of Tarkir.

Anafenza, the Foremost

The khan of Abzan is in exactly one card. Hers:

Anafenza, the Foremost | Art by James Ryman

There are several art descriptions that refer to her, but none others that request her presence. Maybe she's camera shy.

Narset, Enlightened Master

On the other hand, Narset appears in three cards. First, of course, is her own:

Narset, Enlightened Master | Art by Magali Villeneuve

But Narset is also known for quietly contemplating the world around her…

…and for shattering the fists of Mardu warriors with her palm…that deflects…things.


Sidisi, Brood Tyrant

And just like Anafenza, Sidisi isn't one to photobomb. So she appears in her card and no others:

Sidisi, Brood Tyrant | Art by Karl Kopinski


Her HAT appears in another card. Ha!

Zurgo Helmsmasher

The Mardu khan appears on three cards. First, his own:

Zurgo Helmsmasher | Art by Aleksi Briclot

He's known to utterly end opponents…

…and to absolutely despise Sarkhan:

Surrak Dragonclaw

And finally, what of the Temur khan? Well, Surrak makes an appearance on two cards. First is his:

Surrak Dragonclaw | Art by Jaime Jones

But that's NOT the card he's most famous for. Nay, indeed, Surrak features pretty prominently on what is perhaps the most famous and beloved piece of card art in Khans of Tarkir: Bear Punch.

Oop, I mean:

Savage Punch | Art by Wesley Burt

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