Khans of Tarkir Promos

Posted in Arcana on September 4, 2014

By Blake Rasmussen

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Earlier this week, we teased you with the packaging for the five Intro Packs, but cut out some very important information from four of the five packs—the cards on the front.

We've had our fun and let the Internet speculate a bit, but now it's time to show off the Intro Packs' front-facing cards and let you bask in their awesomeness, especially since all five of the cards headlining the Intro Packs are getting alternative art just for the Intro Packs.

Yup, alternative art. Check these things out.

And here's what they look like in their packages, coming soon to a shelf near you.


But why stop there? We'll make this a promo-palooza. If you play in any Launch event September 26–28—including FNM and on top of any other promos you might receive—you might just get to sit on this particular throne.

Game Day

Then, the weekend of October 18–19, stores all around the world will be holding Khans of Tarkir Game Day. Just for participating, you can receive this full-art Heir of the Wilds.

And if you defeat all comers in the name of your clan? Well, the Top 8 will get the chance to utterly end some permanents.

In addition, the winner of Khans of Tarkir Game Day will receive an exclusive playmat.


Finally, stores will be able to provide a small number of the Buy-a-Box promo, Rattleclaw Mystic. The distribution is up to them, so ask your local store if you want to get your hands on this mana-producing morph. Because why wouldn't you? Just look at this thing!

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