Killing Creatures in Past, Present and Future

Posted in Arcana on May 9, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

The temporal themes of the Time Spiral Block are played out across a series of common black kill spells.

Time Spiral is full of themes of the past. Premature Burial kills a creature that has come into play a turn ago—a spell that destroys creatures “in the past.”

Premature Burial

Planar Chaos’s themes are about the alternate present. Cradle to Grave kills a creature that came into play this turn—a piece of removal usable only in the immediate present.

Cradle to Grave

Future Sight is all about the future. Grave Peril isn’t an instant or sorcery; it is an enchantment. It sticks around until it finds an adequate target. In effect, when you cast it, you’re killing a creature that hasn’t even arrived yet—a spell that reaches “into the future.”

Grave Peril

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