Knight of What?

Posted in Arcana on April 8, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Let's talk for a moment about the Rise of the Eldrazi card Knight of Cliffhaven. For those of you who haven't committed it to memory, here it is again.

So what you've got is a 2/2 knight that can gain flying, vigilance, and a total of +2/+2. Does anything in the art look a little familiar?

Knight of Cliffhaven | Art by Matt Cavotta

Well, let's consider this logically. If you were a kor knight in Zendikar and you wanted to find something that could fly you around, maybe something that knew it's way around a +2/+2 boost, what would you look for?

See the answer!

Windrider Eel | Art by Austin Hsu

It's a Windrider Eel!

Windrider Eel

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