Knights vs. Dragons Decklists

Posted in Arcana on March 23, 2011

By Monty Ashley

Let's talk about Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons. It should be for sale on Friday. And when it is, it will have decks that look ... like this!


Your scout lays a blood-spattered map before you, pointing to a chain of mountains you have come to know well. After many months of battle, you have finally located their lair.

"They wait for us here," she says, her eyes still keen, even after days of fighting and scouting in the goblin-infested crags and cliffs. "The area is large enough for dragons to hide, however. There are big ones here. I have seen evidence of them."

Turning to your field marshal, your eyes narrow. "Have the skyhunters arrived yet? We'll need their support from the air before we move in."

"They will be here before nightfall, my liege. Our falcons have confirmed it." The paladin's armor is scarred by great claw-marks. "The exemplars to the north stand ready to strike as well; they await your command."

"Very well," you say grimly. "Send a falcon north. Tell the commander there that we strike at dawn." Suddenly, a flaming body hurtles through your tent, followed by the sound of the sky being torn asunder. You hear the ringing of the alarm bell as your squire rushes in, holding your sword.

"Dragons, my liege. Hordes of them! Hurry, the sky blackens!"


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Your slumber was deep, filled with dreams of centuries past when all humans knew their place and paid tribute befitting your might. That sleep was broken by the song of your dragonspeakers, kneeling before you with news of a human incursion. This time the humans have come deep into your realm.

"They surround us, Great One," one of the dragonspeakers says. "Their net grows tighter each day."

Another shaman kneels at her side. "They hack through our cinder walls and our ragers have yet to break their lines. Give us a sign of how to proceed, master." A mass of screeching goblins are brought before you, each one a tasty morsel for your ravenous hunger. In one giant gulp, ten or more vanish down your gullet while you crush others in your massive claws. You flex your enormous wings, swallowing the rest of your bloody tribute and releasing a thunderous bellow as the urge to unleash dragonfire courses through your body.

"It’s the sign! See how she’s eager for war!" Your dragonspeaker shrieks in anticipation. "Assemble more goblins, for she is ravenous, and prepare the pyres to summon the hellkites!"


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