Live Art with Aleksi Briclot

Posted in Arcana on July 7, 2011

By Tom Jenkot

At Grand Prix Gothenburg, way back in 2010, Magic fans got a special treat: the chance to watch artist extraordinaire Aleksi Briclot illustrate a Magic 2012 card in real time, in person. That card was Chandra's Phoenix, and at the time nobody, including Aleksi, knew what it did. All they had was the art description:

Color: Red creature
Location: Mountain area
Action: Show a fiery phoenix that's been summoned by the fire mage planeswalker Chandra Nalaar. Perhaps the phoenix spreads its fire-wings, dominating the frame, but in the background we can see Chandra conjuring/summoning the creature as if she was throwing a blast of fire at the viewer. The whip-smart mage Chandra has her trademark goggles up on her forehead, and her hair is literally made of flame.
Focus: The phoenix should be the main focus of the piece.
Mood: A legendary bird that's as fiery as its master

Armed with that art description and a hell of a lot of talent, Aleksi let the whole crowd watch over his shoulder as his screen went from blank to mind-blowing.

But what if you weren't there? And you don't have a couple hours to kill? We've got you covered with this time-lapse video, which covers all of Aleksi's work at the GP in just nine minutes.

At the very end of the video you can see the final art, which you might notice is very different from what Aleksi finished at the GP. At the time, Aleksi estimated that he had eight to ten hours more work to do to get this looking how he wanted it, and those hours of work clearly paid off!

Here's how the finished card will look in Magic 2012 booster packs at this weekend's Prerelease:

Chandra's Phoenix

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