The Long Life of Karn

Posted in Arcana on March 2, 2011

By Monty Ashley

If you've been following Magic for years and years, you know who this is:

Corrupted Conscience | Art by Jason Chan

Corrupted Conscience

That, of course, is Karn, who has appeared on cards in a wide variety of sets. Behold!


Pacifism | Art by Adam Rex


Sift | Art by Pete Venters


Treasure Trove | Art by Michael Sutfin

Urza's Saga

Karn, Silver Golem | Art by Mark Zug

Urza's Legacy

Miscalculation | Art by Jeff Laubenstein


Jaded Response | Art by Matt Cavotta

Mercadian Masques

Karn's Touch | Art by Alan Pollack

Tenth Edition

Legacy Weapon | Art by Terese Nielsen

Now, we've got a surprise for you. There's one more set that had Karn in it, but you've never seen it. That, of course, is Unglued 2, which got cancelled and then cannibalized for Unhinged ideas. And in Unglued 2, there was a card called "Jeopardy," which was illustrated by Phil Foglio. So here, for what is probably the first time anywhere, is that piece of art!

Unglued 2

Jeopardy | Art by Phil Foglio

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