The Look of Vanishing

Posted in Arcana on February 12, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Vanishing is a Planar Chaos twist on Nemesis’s fading mechanic. It’s more intuitive to play, more compatible with other Time Spiral block mechanics (in that it uses time counters, like suspend)—and it has its own visual cue.

Check out the art of Calciderm, the splashy time-shifted version of Blastoderm.

Calciderm art by Dave Kendall

See how parts of the beast’s limbs are dissolving into reddish energy? That represents how its form is actually sizzling away into the aether. You can find that crackling aetheric energy on many vanishing cards in Planar Chaos.

Deadly Grub sketch and art by E.M. Gist
Deadly Grub’s very existence gushes out of its side. But it harbors potential for a much Deadly Insect.

Deadwood Treefolk sketch and art by Don Hazeltine
As Deadwood Treefolk’s mortal form crackles away, it leaves behind a trail of struggling plant growth.

There may even be a culture in alternate-reality Dominaria that thrives on the feeling of effervescent dissolution—the brutal gray-skinned warriors known as the Keldons. If anyone lives in the now, it’s a Keldon warrior…

Keldon Marauder art by Alex Horley-Orlandelli

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