Looking at Nylea's Ordeal

Posted in Arcana on November 7, 2013

By Trick Jarrett

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Ordeals are no joke. Perhaps you've faced this card in a Theros draft before?

Ordeal of Nylea

Let's take a look closer at the warrior. At first glance you might think she is on the back of some giant beast. Or perhaps even as you look at her you think she's perched on a rock ready to pounce on an unsuspecting victim below. You can see that she has her sword raised, ready to land a devasating blow on whatever she attacks.

But when you look at the larger art below you might realize it isn't a beast she's perched on but instead the head of a stone golem!

Ordeal of Nylea | Art by David Palumbo

Location: Wild, ancient forest
Action: This spell represents a hero's journey. Show a young female warrior killing a 50-foot stone colossus. The giant monster has crashed to the ground. Keep the camera tight on the hero as she kneels on the colossus’ forehead (most of the colossus will be out of frame). Her sword is raised above her head with the blade pointed down. She is about to drive her sword deep into the enormous eye of the colossus.
Focus: The hero
Mood: A heroic moment worthy of myth

The truth is that golems have a long and storied past in Magic, and while this one is about to meet its fate at the hands of a powerful Setessan warrior, many other golems have gone on to bigger and better things—one even became a Planeswalker!

Karn, Silver Golem
Karn Liberated

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