Lorwyn Preview Crossword

Posted in Arcana on September 19, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

It's a Lorwyn Preview Crossword!

Lowryn Preview Crossword
Mark L. Gottlieb
Word Mode:Across Down


Current Across Clue

Current Down Clue

1.Alternative to fries
5.American name of the Italian city where Reinhard Blech won a 2003 Grand Prix
10.Quaint cry of surprise
14.La ___ más tenebrosa (Spanish language Darkest Hour)
15.Behavior Vesuvan Doppelganger partakes in
16.With 13-Down, the only card with the flashback cost of "Sacrifice a mountain"
17.Declare with confidence
18.Combo deck "Balancing ___"
19.Swerve off course
20.A red Lorwyn creature that’s 5/5
23.Argivian Archaeologist's flavor text: Fascinated by the lore of ancient struggles, the archaeologist searches incessantly for remnants of an earlier, more powerful ___.
24.Wii ancestor: Abbr.
25.Subtype of the first white planeswalker
28.Units of light intensity that are each equal to about 1/10 of a lux: Abbr.
31.Norse god of thunder
34.Speak while hoarse
35.A red Lorwyn creature that steals other creatures
38.___-Magic (word before 61-Across in the name of a Legends 61-Across)
39.___ Grove
40.Like fruit on the Island of Wak-Wak that speaks the word "Wak"
41.A red Lorwyn sorcery that deals damage
43.Wandering ___
44.___ Haven
45.Code name for the Legions set (flanked by "Manny," which became Onslaught and "Jack," which became Judgment)
46.What the Krark-Clan might do to iron ore at its ironworks
47.List-ending abbreviation
49.Scrape (out)
50.A blue Lorwyn creature that flies
59.First Invitational winner Rade
60.Squee's title
61.Conquer, Enslave, or Torture, for example
62.Magic Online player
63.magicthegathering.com has one every other week
64.Tidespout Tyrant artist Orizio
65.Giant birds found in the Kher Ridges
66.Prowling Pangolin's flavor text: It's always hungry, yet easily ___.
67.One Dozen ___
1.___ of Naar Isle
2.Mirage block flavor text opus "___ Song of Night and Day"
3.Fortified ___
4.A black Lorwyn creature that’s a Goblin Rogue
5.Oft-quoted Tolarian renegade
6.Saviors of Kamigawa keyword ability
7."99 Luftballons" singer
8.The 6/6 Time Spiral "timeshifted" creature that isn't Akroma, Angel of Wrath
9.___ Highway
10.A green Lorwyn sorcery that puts creature tokens into play
11.Dominarian nature spirit who has a Cradle, an Avenger, and an Embrace
12.Humanoid birds found on Otaria
13.See 16-Across
21.One more than bi (as in the prefix for -skelion)
22.Words before life or job
25.Acronym for GI Joe's subtitle
26.Speaker of the synod quoted in some Mirrodin flavor text
27.Stars, in Latin
28.Fe-fi-___ (something a fairy tale relative of 20-Across might say)
29.Ali's hometown
30.Type of guide produced by the Creative Team during the worldbuilding stage of each block
32.Write an online set review, perhaps
33.Instant version of Time Ebb
35.Former Canadian National Team member Tsang
36.Opposite of yea
37.No ___ for the Wicked
42.Shambling Strider's creature type
46.Goblin ___ Patrol
48.Despite Extravagant Spirit's name, you can buy one from BlackBorder.com for only 50 of these
49.Gradually declined
50.Converted mana cost of any Nephilim
51.Faces of the Past's flavor text: The ties that bind can ___ strangle.
52.Part of EE: Abbr.
53.Hearing this might cause you to say "Gotcha!" if Laughing Hyena is in your graveyard
54.Help a criminal
55.Site of the Pro Tour won by Tommi Hovi playing Academy
56.The only artist you can't name when playing Persecute Artist
57.Silver ___
58.Searing ___

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