Lorwyn Style Guide: How to draw Changelings

Posted in Arcana on February 28, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Changelings automatically become everything they see, but that doesn't mean they don't all have some similarities. Let's take a look at the instructions the artists were given, shall we?

This happy little fellow, tagged as a "Changeling Caster", has taken on the appearance of a Wizard of some sort. Note his "chameleonesque tail", "two long fingers, two short & webbed" (as seen on Mothdust Changeling below), and "cat-like bug eyes" (as seen on Crib Swap, which is so cute!):

Mothdust Changeling
Crib Swap

The Kithkin Changeling has most of the same things called out, but special attention is called to the webbing and the slouching shoulders. Apparently, the ability to automatically mimic everything around you does not extend to good posture!

Skeletal Changeling
Moonglove Changeling

This "Changeling Treefolk" has apparently just started changing into a treefolk. One can only assume that a tree has recently hove into view! A changeling's automatic mimicking clearly knows no bounds.

Turtleshell Changeling
Avian Changeling

The "Changeling Warrior, as well as reminding everybody that Changelings copy classes as well as races, faces us, calling attention to his handsome "blue green, almost gelatinous skin (with scales)" and "pot belly, always". That is a handsome belly! And check out the neat curly tail on the moose!

Mirror Entity
Game-Trail Changeling

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