Mad Beetdown!

Posted in Arcana on June 27, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Over a hundred cards were designed for Unglued 2, a set that never saw print but that was full of ideas that led to many actually-printed cards. We've also seen that one of the running gags in Unglued 2 was going to be anthropomorphized vegetables.

In honor of Beatdown Week, today we take a closer look at the Magic-slang-slash-angry-veggie-joke card, Mad Beetdown.

Mad Beetdown art by Mark Raabe

According to Multiverse, Mad Beetdown was going to be a green card with one of the more aggressive poison abilities.

Mad Beetdown
Creature - Vegetable

Poison: 2
Mad Beetdown cannot be the target of spells or effects.

The "Poison: 2" in its rules text is a keyworded version of the same ability that Pit Scorpion or Marsh Viper have. In other words:

Whenever Mad Beetdown deals damage to an opponent, that player gets two poison counters. (A player with ten or more poison counters loses the game.)

Might Unglued 2 veggies like Mad Beetdown inspire future Magic card designs?

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