Magic 2015 Packaging

Posted in Arcana on June 24, 2014

By Blake Rasmussen

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It's the first Tuesday in preview week! Around here, that means it's time to unveil the Magic 2015 packaging and all of the veiled secrets those images contain. Hints abound as we look at the wrappers, boxes, and containers that hold all of those sweet, sweet Magic 2015 cards.

Let's start with images on the front of the booster packs you'll be ripping open.


Didn't we just see Ajani on Theros? Either there's a leonin running around that looks just like him, or Ajani's up to something in Magic 2015.

Hm, a blue wizard-looking fellow with a cloak and a prime spot on the packaging. I wonder what that means?

Ghostly flame-looking skeleton guy? Check.

We've actually seen her before. Soul of Shandalar was previewed in Aaron Forsythe's article yesterday.

Just an elf, nothing more to see here...right? This elf feels somehow...familiar.

Sample Decks

A bit ago, we gave you the decklists for the Sample Decks that will be going out with M15. Now you can see them all in package form!

Finally, when you pick up a Fat Pack, you'll see all of this, punctuated by Garruk's intimidating visage staring back at you, pretty much no matter where you look.

So what about the Intro Packs, you might ask? Well, you’ll just have to wait a little longer, as we have a special medium for showing off the cards headlining those coming Monday.

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