Magic Dossier: Jen Page

Posted in Arcana on June 23, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Name: Jen Page

Age: 32

Title: Senior New Media Designer. I design the web presence for numerous Wizards' brands including Magic: the Gathering, Dungeon & Dragons, Wizards' adult and children's book lines. I also created interactive web neatness such as the Orb of Insight for Mirrodin, Unhinged and Saviors, the intro movie to Sword and Skull, and Monsters Menace America. On occasion I have the crazy assignment of creating images of a giant blue penguin in a wizard's cap or a ninja leaping from a boar. My voice was used in the Play D&D demo. Let's not discuss my floating head in the old D&D demo. ;)

Began working at WOTC: April, 2000 with an 18 month hiatus out-of-state, between then and now.

Previous job: Print work graphic designer

How you got the job here: My resume had a lot Photoshop experience - and I wore black nail polish. (Just kidding about the nail polish.)

Expansion products you've worked on: I designed the Torment logo and expansion symbol for that set and won an award for it in the Logos 2002 competition. I also did artwork for a card coming out in the Ravnica set.

Favorite part of your job: Being immersed in the creativity of a fantasy game company.

Least favorite part of your job: Timelogs: a long, painful, boring death for most artists to fill out weekly. Ick.

Things you've worked on or had a hand in that are you favorite: I love creating the animations for the Orbs of Insight. Each one is different and it is a fun challenge to morph the Orb to relate to each expansion set we do. I've created some cool screensavers and online demos over the years and currently I've started creating the UV mapping for some of Magic Online's 3-D avatars. Lending my voice for the D&D demo was awesome, and I've modeled for the art used on the Forgotten Realms' City of the Spider Queen and Lidda on the cover of D&D's Song and Silence. I'm an avid D&D fan so I loved redesigning the website and all the support work I do for the site. (I'm even starring in a D&D spoof that uses Wizards products - Yes, I'm a big geek.

Favorite Magic Cards: Crash of Rhinos, because of its flavor text. Keeper of the Dead and Crypt Angel for their great artwork - but, there are too many in that category to list them all.

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