Magic Dossier: Zac Hill

Posted in Arcana on September 10, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Name: Zac Hill

Job Title and Duties: Magic Development Intern. Right now, I playtest all our upcoming sets—Limited and Constructed—like crazy. I’m also working on a couple as-yet-unannounced standalone products.

Age: 23

Education: BA, Political Science, Phi Beta Kappa: Rhodes College—I might be the only human being whose mascot has been a "Lynx" from first grade on through college.

Began Working at Wizards: Last Tuesday!

Previous job: Policy Analyst, The Centre for Independent Journalism, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

How you got your job here:

So I spent my last year as a Luce Scholar, courtesy of a nationwide competition sponsored by the Henry Luce Foundation. This was totally totally totally ridiculously awesome for a large number of reasons, many of which involved food, but it also meant that for the first time ever in my life I wasn’t on a big massive intimidating expansive artificial "track." So while I was applying for law schools, grad schools, creative writing schools, etc., I said to myself, "This might be the only point where I can just try to do whatever I want without any cataclysmic consequences." It was insanely liberating, in a way. So I shot an email out to Aaron Forsythe saying, "Hey. You read my stuff right? Can I, um. Work at Wizards?" It’s possible I *might* have been more eloquent. But he was familiar with my work, asked to see a resume, and a few short months later I had landed the job. Yaus!

Magic playing accomplishments:

T8 Pro Tour Honolulu, T4 Malaysia Nationals, T2 GP St Louis, 3 GP Top 16s, 60-odd lifetime Pro Points. Designed "Elves!," Gifts Tron, Rock and Nail, and a number of other competitive decks.

Favorite part of your job:

"You really need to spend more time playing Magic" – Mark Globus.

Least favorite part of your job:

Playtest stickers. :-(

Thing you've worked on that you're most proud of:

Here? Um. A certain Banned/Restricted list meeting whose results are presently classified. In general? Selangor State Right to Information Law, the Memphis Pyramid Arena redevelopment, the Chatter of the Squirrel series.

Other games you currently enjoy playing:

Dominion, Race to the Galaxy, TurboHearts.

Favorite Magic card(s):



In your spare time:

Acting, short-fiction-and-poetry-writing, editing, trivia teaming, karaoke-ing, ‘coaching’ college Mock Trial, food snobbery, public speaking, policy junkie-ing, social butterflying, concert-attending. Seriously before I left for Malaysia I didn’t really MTG that much. That, um. Changed.

Something the readers don't know about you:

I basically bared all in my column, so. Secrets aren’t my forte. I was in line to play Dennis the Menace in that movie they released infinite years ago, but I lost my two front teeth and was thus out of contention for the final four or whatever. It might make people chuckle that for a solid five years of my life I was *convinced* that my purpose in life was to be a Presbyterian minister. Yet again, that, um. Changed.

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