Magic at Gen Con 2011

Posted in Arcana on July 19, 2011

By Monty Ashley

Gen Con 2011 is going to be held August 4-7, 2011 in Indianapolis, IN. And a lot of Magic is going to go on inside Gen Con. Let's take a look!

Public Events

There will be booster drafts of Magic 2012 or Scars of Mirrodin Block available at all times starting at 9:00 AM Thursday. In addition, there will be "Win-A-Box" tournaments in Standard, Legacy, and Vintage. They're called that because the prize for winning is a box of 36 booster packs of Magic 2012!

There are other Magic events going constantly throughout Gen Con. A quick look at the Gen Con Public Event schedule will answer all questions!

Championships! Championships! Championships!

That's three championships, right? Friday has the Vintage Championships and Saturday has the Legacy Championship, and the whole weekend has the 2011 US National Championships!

And that doesn't even include the 2011 Block Championship! Or the 2011 Midwest Masters Series Championship! Or all the Mini-Master tournaments! Or the Grand Melee! Look, maybe you should just look at the schedule, because there's a lot there.

Oh! One more thing! There are a lot of Magic Online events planned, too! Again, the event schedule has all the information.

Magic: The Gathering Commander Panel

Want to learn more about Magic: The Gathering Commander? See how this panel grabs you:

Saturday Noon – 2pm. Marriott Indiana Ballroom G

Join members of the Magic: The Gathering Commander design team and the rules committee for a Q&A about the latest multiplayer Magic product. Panelists include Ken Nagle (Commander Design Team Lead), Mark Gottlieb (Commander Design Team), Sheldon Menery ( Rules Committee), and Scott Larabee (Commander Design Team, Rules Committee).

Spell Slinging

In addition to all that, Mark Gottlieb, Ken Nagle and Sheldon Menery will be on-site to play Commander and other formats against you! Go get 'em!

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