Magic Pumpkins

Posted in Arcana on November 15, 2010

By Monty Ashley

Let's say it's Halloween. Yes, we are aware it's not actually Halloween today. We're pretending. And in the land of pretend, it's Halloween. You're walking through your neighborhood at night, and it occurs to you that you've never noticed just how spooky this place is.

Suddenly, you come upon a sight that chills your blood!

You run back home and spend the rest of the night shivering in terror. Was it just the product of a fevered imagination or did you actually see Magic: The Gathering themed pumpkins?

When daylight comes, the world seems more normal and safe. You go out to face the apparition. And now that you can get a good look at them, they're actually pretty neat.

(Thanks to Kevin, who mailed these in, and his wife Abigail, who carved them!)

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