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Posted in Arcana on January 21, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

The Painland Problem

People like Mark Rosewater and Mark Gottlieb usually have to spend hours coming up with detailed Magic puzzles for use here on the web or in other publications. I am a little luckier; I had a perfect puzzle scenario come up in a game of Magic Online. Here it is:

You are me (AaronForsythe), and your opponent is web developer Doug Beyer. You are playing Casual Format 2 on Magic Online, which requires a 250-card deck containing at least 20 cards of each color. There is no sideboard, so Wish cards (like Living Wish) can be used to get cards from your collection.

Doug had to Earthquake last turn because you stole his Krosan Tusker with Persuasion. Unfortunately, your Mesmeric Fiend also died in the 'Quake, giving Doug his Burning Wish back. He also has a Death Grasp in hand. If he gets to untap, he will kill you.

You have a nice setup in play with both Mirari and Mirari's Wake, but unfortunately five of your six lands are painlands, and you are only at 2 life. Doug is at six and is tapped out. Using the cards in your hand, can you find a way to defeat Doug this turn without dying yourself?

Assume your collection includes 4 copies of every card from Seventh Edition, Invasion block, Odyssey block, and Onslaught.

You can click the image below for a full-size version.

Magic Puzzle

I'll put the answers up on Thursday (there is more than one, but not many).

Here is a text listing of all the relevant cards, in case someone needs to click on the name to read the text.

DougBeyer, in play: Mountain – 2 ForestPlains – 2 Swamp – 2 IslandGrand Coliseum
DougBeyer, graveyard: Lay of the LandLlanowar WastesHarrowMemory LapseKrosan TuskerPlanar DespairFlooded StrandFact or FictionTerminal MoraineDiligent FarmhandEarthquakeKrosan Tusker
You, in play: MirariSulfurous SpringsUnderground RiverBrushlandCaves of KoilosShivan ReefPlainsMirari's Wake
You, hand: Flametongue KavuSpiritmongerLiving Wish
You, graveyard: Erhnam DjinnShockMesmeric FiendPersuasion

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