Magic puzzle answer

Posted in Arcana on March 10, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Nantuko Husk

Here is our answer to Friday's Magic puzzle:

  1. During Carrot Top's end of turn step, tap any five of your Zombies to activate Gravespawn Sovereign, putting Carrot Top's Crested Craghorn into play under you control. Carrot Top loses one life from his Wretched Anurid and is at 16.
  2. Still during Carrot Top's end of turn step, tap all your lands for mana. Use Smokespew Invoker's ability to give Carrot Top's Wretched Anurid -3/-3. It's destroyed.
  3. Untap at the start of your turn.
  4. During your upkeep step, sacrifice Crested Craghorn to the Nantuko Husk. The Husk is now 4/4.
  5. Still during upkeep, tap Gravespawn Sovereign, Aphetto Vulture, Festering Goblin, Noxious Ghoul, and Smokespew Invoker to use the Sovereign's ability. Bring Wretched Anurid into play under your control. Noxious Ghoul's ability triggers, and all of Carrot Top's creatures get -1/-1. Canopy Crawler is 4/4, Prowling Pangolin is 5/4, Spitting Gourna is 2/3, and Treespring Lorian is 4/3.
  6. Still during upkeep, sacrifice Festering Goblin to Nantuko Husk. The Husk gets +2/+2 and is 6/6. Use Festering Goblin's ability to give Canopy Crawler -1/-1. The Crawler is 3/3.
  7. Finally, during upkeep, sacrifice Aphetto Vulture to the Husk. The Husk goes to 8/8. Aphetto Vulture's ability triggers. Put Festering Goblin on top of your library.
  8. Draw Festering Goblin.
  9. Sacrifice Wretched Anurid to the Husk. The Husk becomes 10/10. (The Anurid had to go before you played a creature or you'd lose.)
  10. Tap a swamp for mana and play Festering Goblin. Noxious Ghoul's ability triggers again, and all of Carrot Top's creatures get -1/-1 again. The Crawler is 2/2, the Pangolin is 4/3, the Gourna is 1/2, and the Lorian is 3/2.
  11. Showing how cruel a Goblin's existence really is, the Husk eats him again. Sac Festering Goblin to the Husk for the second time this turn. The Husk is 12/12. When the Goblin's ability triggers, give the Pangolin -1/-1. It's now 3/2.
  12. Sac your Invoker, Ghoul, and Sovereign to your Husk. The Husk goes to 18/18.
  13. Tap three swamps for mana and play Infest. The Husk shrinks to 16/16, and all of Carrot Top's creatures are destroyed.
  14. Attack with the Husk for 16 damage. You win!

And we thought we were smart here. We have received at least one alternate solution via email that is capable of dealing 20 damage to poor Carrot Top. We'll let you stew over that for a while, and post the "better" answer tomorrow.

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