Magical Jones Soda

Posted in Arcana on July 14, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

If you were at certain Magic 2010 prereleases this weekend, you might have seen something strange and delicious. Specifically, Magic-themed drinks made by Jones Soda!

They looked roughly like this.

Now, if you are exceptionally keen of eye, you will have noticed the "$18.99 12-pack" and "Order" buttons on that image. Yes, the sodas are available for order from Jones Soda right now!

The twelve-pack contains two bottles of Elixir of Purity (Cream Soda), Necromancer's Tonic (Root Beer), Beast Brew (Green Apple), and three bottles of Illusion Infusion (Blue Bubblegum), and Purifying Fire (Fruit Punch). Exciting! And also tasty!

Now perhaps you'd like a closer look at the bottles themselves. We are happy to oblige.

That link for ordering is

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