Martyr-Clerics from Korlis

Posted in Arcana on November 22, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

You’ve seen a lot of snippets from the Time Spiral style guide, but sometimes the development of costuming and visual design for Time Spiral went even further than the style guide. When old-school Magic artist Quinton Hoover was tapped to illustrate Children of Korlis, the creative team wanted him to go beyond the examples of white humans in the style guide.

A typical white-aligned human from the salt plains

Concepted as martyrs from the land of Korlis (as a nod to the damage-preventing Martyrs of Korlis), these particular humans needed to have costuming that marks them as being from Korlis, as opposed to from Benalia or Icatia, for example. In other words, the cloth-wrapped look of white-aligned humans in the style guide shouldn’t completely override cultural differences in costuming.

Quinton Hoover came up with this design for the Korlis survivors. It’s still harsh, dusty and salty in Korlis—but they have their own unique costuming.

Children of Korlis sketch by Quinton Hoover

You get the sense of a culture whose survival adaptations have paralleled those of, say, Amrou Seekers.

Children of Korlis art by Quinton Hoover

Note that the eyes of these martyr-clerics are tattooed with red marks, to symbolize tears of blood. As their flavor text suggests, they are truly committed to their cause.

Children of Korlis

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