Meet the Champions Update: Kiki-Jiki and You Decide!

Posted in Arcana on September 22, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Ready for another story about the heroes of Kamigawa? Check out the Champions of Kamigawa site for an update in the "Meet the Champions" area.

This week's story is "The Dragon's Errand" by Alexander O. Smith. It's the story of the akki legend Kiki-Jiki got his epithet, "the Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker." Enjoy!

But you're not done yet...

The Champions of Kamigawa prerelease has come and everybody's had a chance to see the spoiler. And by now, you've probably noticed that the story on October 20 is marked by a question mark -- that's because we've been waiting for you to tell us whose backstory you want to know. Yes, it's time for you to pick which Legend's legend you want told.

We've got a list of ten legends (including two pre-legends, in the form of the new flip cards) for you to choose from. This vote will be up for a week, and then we'll commission an all-new story.

Have fun and choose carefully!

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