Mindless Automaton and the Headless Mogg

Posted in Arcana on November 20, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Mindless Automaton, an Exodus card enjoying new life in the current Standard alongside its other Time Spiral timeshifted brethren, is an artifact creature on a rampage. The brainchild of some mad Rathi artificer, it shreds its way through a crowd of fleeing moggs. Its skullcap crackles with stolen intellectual energy, the fuel on which it runs. If it feeds on thoughts, then why is it hunting moggs, a race known for its lack of, let's say, mental tastiness?

Mindless Automaton

Brian Snoddy's art depicts the automaton engaged in gob-clamping frenzy. We can see evidence of its frustration (if an iron-riveted artifact creature can feel such a thing) in the high-res art, below. One of its pincers has clipped the head of a mogg clean off, and sent it flying! That's what you get when your species' mental capacity doesn't even qualify as an appetizer.

Mindless Automaton art by Brian Snoddy

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