Mistform Ultimus Watch: Mirrodin Block

Posted in Arcana on June 28, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Mistform Ultimus -- if there's a race, occupation or long-hyphenated-descriptor, the Ultimus is it!

Welcome to the first Mistform Ultimus Watch. In this to-be-recurring sub-feature of Magic Arcana, we keep track of what creature types that auto-updating Legions legend has recently become, and in effect, what new creature types have recently been added to Magic.

But since this is the first occasion of Mistform Ultimus Watch, you may want to do a little background reading on Mr. Ultimus.

Okay, enough with the old; you're ready for the new. Today we focus on what the Ultimus has become as the result of Mirrodin block: the Mirrodin, Darksteel and Fifth Dawn sets.

That's all for this block. The next time we'll catch up with Mistform Ultimus Watch is in October, after the release of Champions of Kamigawa!

To summarize, as of the release of Fifth Dawn, Mistform Ultimus is a:

Mistform Ultimus
Creature -- Abomination Aboroth Advisor Aladdin Albatross Alchemist Ali-Baba Ali-from-Cairo Alligator Ambush-Party Ancestor Angel Ant Antelope Ape Archaeologist Archer Artificer Asp Assassin Assembly-Worker Atog Aurochs Avatar Avenger Avizoa Badger Ball-Lightning Bandit Banshee Barbarian Barishi Basilisk Bat Bear Beast Bee Beeble Behemoth Being Berserker Bird Blinkmoth Boar Bodyguard Bringer Brood Brother Brownie Brushwagg Bull Bureaucrat Butterfly Camarid Camel Caravan Caribou Carnivore Carriage Carrier Cat Cavalry Cave-People Centaur Cephalid Cheetah Chicken Chimera Citizen Clamfolk Cleric Clone Cobra Cockatrice Constable Cow Crab Crocodile Crusader Dandan Demon Dervish Deserter Devil Devouring-Deep Dinosaur Djinn Dog Doppelganger Dragon Dragonfly Drake Drill-Sergeant Drone Druid Dryad Dwarf Eater Eel Effigy Efreet Egg Elder Elemental Elephant Elf El-Hajjaj Enchantress Entity Erne Essence Exorcist Faerie Fallen Farmer Ferret Fiend Fish Flagbearer Flying-Men Force Fox Frog Frostbeast Fungus Fungusaur Gaea's-Avenger Gaea's-Liege Gargoyle Gatekeeper General Ghost Ghoul Giant Gnome Goat Goblin Golem Gorgon Graveborn Gremlin Griffin Guardian Gus Gypsy Hag Harlequin Hell's-Caretaker Heretic Hero Hipparion Hippo Homarid Hornet Horror Horse Horseman Hound Human Hunter Hydra Hyena Illusion Imp Incarnation Infernal-Denizen Inquisitor Insect Island-Fish Jackal Jellyfish Kavu Keeper Kelp King Kithkin Knight Kobold Kraken Lady-of-Proper-Etiquette Leech Legend Legionnaire Lemure Leper Leviathan Lhurgoyf Lichenthrope Licid Lion Lizard Lord Lurker Lycanthrope Mage Maggot Maiden Mammoth Manticore Mantis Marid Martyr Master Medusa Meerkat Mercenary Merchant Merfolk Mindsucker Minion Minor Minotaur Miracle-Worker Mist Mistfolk Mob Mold-Demon Monger Mongoose Monkey Monster Mosquito Mummy Murk-Dwellers Mutant Myr Mystic Nameless-Race Narwhal Necrosavant Nekrataal Niall-Silvain Nightmare Nightstalker Noble Nomad Octopus Ogre Ooze Orb Orc Orgg Ouphe Ox Oyster Paladin Peacekeeper Pegasus Pentavite People-of-the-Woods Pest Phantasm Phelddagrif Phoenix Pig Pikemen Pirate Pixie-Queen Plant Poison-Snake Poltergeist Pony Preacher Priest Prism Pyknite Rabbit Raider Ranger Rat Rebel Reflection Rhino Robber Roc Rock-Sled Rogue Rukh Sage Salamander Sand Saproling Satyr Scavenger Scorpion Scout Serf Serpent Shade Shaman Shapeshifter Shark Sheep Ship Shyft Sindbad Singing-Tree Sister Skeleton Slith Sliver Slug Smith Snake Soldier Sorceress Spawn Speaker Specter Spellshaper Sphinx Spider Spike Spirit Sponge Sprite Spuzzem Spy Squire Squirrel Stangg-Twin Starfish Stone Strider Survivor Swarm Tactician Tarpan Taskmaster Tetravite Thief The-Biggest-Baddest-Nastiest-Scariest-Creature-You'll-Ever-See Thopter Thrull Thundermare Tiger Titan Toad Tombspawn Tortoise Townsfolk Tracker Treefolk Troll Turtle Twin Uncle-Istvan Undead Unicorn Vampire Vedalken Viashino Villain Viper Volver Vulture Walking-Dead Wall War-Rider Warrior Warthog Wasp Wave Whale Whippoorwill Wight Wiitigo Wildebeest Will-o'-the-Wisp Wirefly Witch Wizard Wolf Wolverine Wolverine-Pack Wolves-of-the-Hunt Wombat Wood Worm Wraith Wretched Wurm Yeti Zombie

See you next time on Mistform Ultimus Watch!

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