A Morality Shifted

Posted in Arcana on March 15, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Ever looked at your graveyard and wished you could draw from there instead of from your library? Or wished you had a graveyard stocked full of goodies from your library? Well, even before the dredge mechanic, this was possible! Morality Shift, one of Judgment's most out-there potential combo cards, swaps around your graveyard and your library.

Morality Shift

The flavor of the card involves a sudden change in value systems, an overall "Blackening" of the mind (in fact, the card was called [Blackened Mind] during playtest). Check out the scene going on in Jerry Tiritilli's art for the card. The cleric on the left illuminates his text with enlightened illustrations of angels, sunbursts and flowers. The cleric on the right, however, scribes demons and evil monsters. Guess which one has had his mind "blackened"?

Morality Shift art by Jerry Tiritilli
Morality Shift art by Jerry Tiritilli

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