More Intro Packs of Alara

Posted in Arcana on September 23, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Shards of Alara has 41-card Intro Packs, which come with a foil card, a learn-to-play insert, a strategy insert, and an additional booster pack. Yesterday we showed you Bant, Esper, and Grixis. Today, Jund and Naya get their turn!

Primordial Jund

The plane of Jund is a savage, volcanic world of infinite dangers where dragons top the food chain. Amass a swarm of barbarians, vicious predators, and even dragons, and swallow up the meek forces of your fellow planeswalkers.

Primordial Jund (BRG)

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Naya Behemoths

The plane of Naya is a paradise of lush growth where elvish and leonin celebrants worship the gargantuan beasts that roam the world. These ancient behemoths are yours to command, an army massive enough to blot out the sun and shake the earth. Other planeswalkers will tremble in your wake.

Naya Behemoths (RGW)

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(Note: the Intro Packs contain a few Tenth Edition cards that don't appear in Shards of Alara.)

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