More Spiritual Combos

Posted in Arcana on October 5, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

The mortals of the plane of Kamigawa are at war with its kami -- and there are kami everywhere and in everything! That's of course bad for Kamigawa's mortals, but good for you: it means there are more spirit-involving casual combos for your next deck (even though Combo Week is over).

He Who Hungers
Combine He Who Hungers with Spirit Cairn. Every time someone cycles a Lonely Sandbar or pumps a Wild Mongrel, you can make another Spirit token that He Who Hungers can munch for a tasty Coercion effect. Or cycle Eternal Dragon (also a spirit) yourself...

Karmic Guide
Combine Karmic Guide with Sire of the Storm or Thief of Hope. You'll get a card or a 1-point Drain Life when Karmic Guide comes into play, plus bring back a creature due to the Guide's ability. Then next turn, don't pay the echo on Karmic Guide, and sacrifice a Soulshift creature like Kami of Lunacy or Vine Kami to get the Guide back for another round.

Combine Earthshaker with Phantom Tiger or other "phantom" creatures. The Earthshaker triggers when you play the Tiger, since the Tiger is a Spirit. Earthshaker's effect won't damage the Tiger since it's still on the stack, but any other phantom creatures in play at the time will just have a counter removed and keep them from dying.

Combine Revenant with Iname, Death Aspect. The black Iname pumps up your graveyard with dead Spirits to make Revenant an unholily large flyer. (Yes, unholily!)

Lavaborn Muse
Combine Nezumi Bone-Reader with Nuisance Engine and Lavaborn Muse. The Nuisance Engine gives you an endless source of creatures to sacrifice to the Bone-Reader, which then keeps your opponent's hand small so that the Spirit Lavaborn Muse can kick round after round of free damage.

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