More Time Spiral Product Shots

Posted in Arcana on September 18, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Oh, Time Spiral, won’t you ever get here?

Won’t your display boxes ever proudly display those amazing spell-packed boosters to all?

Won’t your Fat Pack ever hover tantalizingly under the spotlight at my local gaming and/or hobby store?

Won’t the contents of said Fat Pack ever spill out in a photogenic array of durable, useful, and not to mention beautifully-illustrated Magic products that all can enjoy?

Won’t I ever be able to peruse the Time Spiral Theme Decks, either for myself or for newer players who I believe might enjoy the throwing down of some Magic: The Gathering?

. . .

No, really, can I see the theme decks now?

. . .

Not yet? I should tune in to Magic Arcana later this week for hi-res pics of the theme deck packaging? Okay, fair enough.

And the prerelease is this weekend? Understood! I’ll be there!

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