The Moroii

Posted in Arcana on November 7, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

It's Dimir Week on! This week we get a chance to do what this guarded guild would never let a citizen of Ravnica do -- steal a look into their darkest secrets.

Today we take a look at the moroii, a potential Lexicon entry in the making and part of the Dimir repertoire of sneaky minions.

In Romanian folklore, the moroii is a type of living vampire. Unlike the dead or undead variety (called by the more generic term strigoi in Romanian), this breed of vampire drains people of youth and beauty as well as blood, and doesn't need to spend its daylight hours in tombs.

Similarly, in Ravnica, aside from being a vicious beatdown creature cut from the same mold as Juzam Djinn, the moroii is a vampiric creature that drains years from life of its victim:

Moroii art by Dan Scott
Moroii art by Dan Scott

"Touched by moroii"
—Undercity slang meaning "to grow old"

The Ravnican moroii can also be seen in the art of Psychic Drain:

Psychic Drain art by Nick Percival
Psychic Drain art by Nick Percival

"Gold can be reearned, goods restored. The moroii steal youth, more precious than either, and once gone, it’s gone forever."
—Berta Suszat, civic healer

The moroii, in essence, forms a bridge between two aspects of House Dimir -- on the one hand, it's a killer in the night, an infiltrator with deadly capabilities. On the other hand, it's tied to the flavor of "milling" a player's library -- a way to drain the life from other guilds and suck interlopers' brains dry of any stolen secrets.

Enjoy Dimir Week.

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