The Most Prolific Artist

Posted in Arcana on January 21, 2013

By Monty Ashley

It's a simple question: who's the most prolific Magic artist?

Or is it? When Trick Jarrett came up with this question over the holiday break, he had to define his terms. So what we're looking for is the artist with the most individual pieces of art. Robert Bliss's Pacifism first appeared in Mirage and has appeared in eight core sets, but it should only count once. On the other hand, we'd like to count alternate art made for promo cards.

So we dove into our internal card database and came back with some comprehensive answers! And then we realized that what we were looking at was a little too comprehensive, because it included all art that had been done, regardless of whether it had been released yet. And we didn't bother changing the art credits for Unhinged, so Pete Venters doesn't get credited for Erase (Not the Urza's Legacy One) because the official artist is Pete "Yes the Urza's Legacy One" Venters.

Okay. So, with those caveats, here's a list of the top Magic artists that we think is mostly correct. It's pretty close.

Artist CreditTotal Count
Kev Walker342
Pete Venters295
John Avon280
Christopher Moeller264
Greg Staples263
Ron Spencer243
Mark Tedin219
Carl Critchlow214
Heather Hudson205
Rob Alexander201
Daren Bader181
Terese Nielsen177
Matt Cavotta175
Dan Scott169
Dan Frazier168
Randy Gallegos155
Rebecca Guay153
Scott M. Fischer147
Alan Pollack143
Jim Nelson143
Steve Prescott142
Mark Zug140
Brian Snoddy133
Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai131
Christopher Rush130
Mark Poole130
Anson Maddocks128
Adam Rex127
rk post126
Karl Kopinski125
Douglas Shuler124
Donato Giancola119
Dave Kendall118
Thomas M. Baxa118
Alex Horley-Orlandelli117
John Matson113
Ron Spears113
Anthony S. Waters112
Jeff Miracola112
Wayne England112
Wayne Reynolds111
Steven Belledin110
Edward P. Beard, Jr.109
Dave Dorman106
Paolo Parente101
Nils Hamm100

Now for some bonus information! This same question was asked in 2005, and answered on March 10. At that time, Pete Venters was number one with 241. Kev Walker's really roared up the list since then!

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