Posted in Arcana on June 11, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

When the split cards were created in Invasion, one thing everyone knew was necessary to pull them off was catchy names -- phrases made of words that meant something individually, yet still made sense together. Spite/Malice is a good example -- I can counter your spell out of Spite, and kill your creature out of Malice. And together, "spite and malice" is a relatively well-known phrase, and is even the name of a card game played with normal playing cards.

At least two of the original five split cards went through name changes. Assault/Battery was originally known as "Hit/Run". While "Hit" is passable for a direct damage spell, "Run" is pretty silly for a token generating spell. Plus the name refers to a type of automobile accident, which isn't the best source of material. Assault/Battery is definitely the better name.

Wax/Wane's first name was "Pride/Prejudice". While those terms might make more sense -- Pride makes my creature stronger, and Prejudice makes me want to destroy your enchantments -- some members of the naming team didn't like the fact that the name was taken from a novel, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin.

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