New Art in Commander, Part 2

Posted in Arcana on November 12, 2014

By Blake Rasmussen

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Last week, we looked at some of the new art in Commander (2014 Edition), but we had such an overwhelming amount of new art that we couldn't fit it all in to a single Arcana (or, for that matter, two Arcanas).

So, due to popular demand, we've come back for another go-round with new art from the latest Commander release. Enjoy!

Tornado Elemental

Originally printed in Fifth Dawn, Tornado Elemental made a return entry in Planechase. It wasn't until this year, however, that this bomb-y force of nature changed its art. Richard Wright was definitely right on with his new vision of what a tornado brought to life would look like.

Tornado Elemental | Art by Richard Wright


Wellwisher looks so unassuming at first, but anyone who has ever played an Elf deck knows this innocuous 1/1 can completely dominate some games, gaining dozens of life over multiple turns. Karl Kopinski provides an update to the classic Christopher Rush look.

Wellwisher | Art by Karl Kopinski


Any time an artifact set comes around, it seems Cathodion sticks its amusing head up to say hello. Given the red deck's artifact theme, it's no surprise to see Cathodion return. What might have been a surprise was that Cathodion got a third new take in its third printing. This time, Izzy takes on the built-to-die Construct with pleasing results.

Cathodion | Art by Izzy

Additionally, your art-sense might have been set tingling when you saw these two "new" pieces. They sure look new, but maybe you couldn't tell why they were so familiar? Well, these two pieces have actually never seen a physical printing before, even though they did get to see the light of day in Vintage Masters in the digital realm. In fact, so did Desert Twister (shown last week). But we wanted to point them out to you completists out there, because we're nothing if not thorough.

Forgotten Cave | Art by Noah Bradley

Skullclamp | Art by Daniel Ljunggren

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