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Posted in Arcana on July 28, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Spinal Parasite by Cyril Van Der Haegen, Bringer of the Green Dawn by Jim Murray, and Neurok Stealthsuit by Francis Tsai

Every time a new set releases, another Magic artist gets his or her first artist credit. Today on Magic Arcana we take a moment to salute these arists that have begun their Magic art careers during the Mirrodin block.

Got any favorites among the new recruits? Go post! Think you have what it takes to be a Magic artist? Check out our art submission guidelines.

Stay tuned for this fall: there are even more artists getting their first break into Magic illustration in the Kamigawa block beginning with Champions of Kamigawa.

Welcome, new Magic artists!

ArtistIllustrating sinceExample cards
Tomas Giorello Fifth Dawn Vicious Betrayal
Ittoku Eighth Edition Rebuking Ceremony and Rude Awakening, among others
Hugh Jamieson Mirrodin Molten Rain, Override and Barbed Lightning, among others
Jeremy Jarvis Eighth Edition Deflection, Loxodon Warhammer, and Beacon of Tomorrows, among others
Vance Kovacs Darksteel Arcbound Slith and Retaliate, among others
Jim Murray Darksteel Sundering Titan and Bringer of the Green Dawn, among others
Mark A. Nelson Fifth Dawn Hoverguard Sweepers and Trinket Mage
Nottsuo Darksteel Darksteel Brute, Gemini Engine and Wirefly Hive
Martina Pilcerova Mirrodin Cloudpost, Gilded Lotus and Darksteel Forge, among others
Puddnhead Eighth Edition Unholy Strength, Troll Ascetic and Door to Nothingness, among others
Stephen Tappin Mirrodin Goblin Charbelcher, Death Cloud and Blasting Station, among others
Francis Tsai Fifth Dawn Neurok Stealthsuit
Cyril Van Der Haegen Fifth Dawn Spinal Parasite

(If you believe this list of new artists is incomplete, please drop a note at Ask Wizards. Thanks!)

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