The Newest Level 50

Posted in Arcana on March 1, 2013

By Monty Ashley

Two weeks ago, Gerry Thompson got the first Pro Tour Top 8 of his career. And that gave him enough points to make Level 50 in Planeswalker Points! How rare is that? So rare that only eight people have done it:

Here's the complete list, the "Top 8," if you will:

Worldwide RankNamePlaneswalker Points Level
1Shuhei Nakamura76,45750 (Archmage)
2Raphael Levy71,88550 (Archmage)
3Olivier Ruel68,15850 (Archmage)
4Bram Snepvangers55,47450 (Archmage)
5Tomoharu Saito54,08750 (Archmage)
6Gerard Fabiano53,69750 (Archmage)
7Antoine Ruel52,89050 (Archmage)
8Gerry Thompson50,19050 (Archmage)

Ninth place currently belongs to Martin Juza, with 49,104 points.

But we're here to talk about Gerry! How did he get so many points? Well, by being very good at Magic and playing in a lot of giant tournaments where he did well. Obviously. But to be more specific, here are the tournaments where he got the most points:

Pro Tour Gatecrash in Montreal 2013: 516 points
Pro Tour Dark Ascension in Honolulu 2012: 480 points
World Championship 2010: 480 points
World Championship 2008: 468 points
World Championship 2011: 468 points

Congratulations, Gerry!

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