Nezumi in Art

Posted in Arcana on October 25, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

From the Kamigawa Glossary:

nezumi (nay-ZOO-mee) Rat. In Kamigawa, short for nezumi-bito, meaning “ratfolk.”

During Kamigawa's war with its own kami, the black-aligned nezumi mostly looked out for their own interests. They lived in Takenuma Swamp among the rotten bamboo, scavenging shabby equipment from the swamp or stealing goods from travelers. They favor Kusari-Gama, such as this burly fellow.

Nezumi Cutthroat art by Carl Critchlow

The nezumi were greedy, treacherous opportunists, mercenaries and thieves -- often involved in deals with other races who needed to get the nastiest sorts of jobs done.

Night Dealings art by Darrell Riche

The nezumi were also talented shamans (check out the great shamanic details here -- the fish strapped to his thigh armor and the lizard hanging from his staff)...

Nezumi Bone-Reader art by Dan Scott

...and in some cases, worked their way up from common graverobbers to legendary necromancers.

Nighteyes the Desecrator / Nezumi Graverobber art by Jim Nelson
Nighteyes the Desecrator / Nezumi Graverobber art by Jim Nelson

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